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Once again Dynamic has repaved the path of innovative products in the towing industry with its new 765 Series. The 765 is the only one of its breed, with a certified 6500 lb. self loading wheel lift it is an excellent addition to any existing fleet. Capabilities range from light to medium duty towing, still having a low profile drawbar it can pick up low front end vehicle and yet still lift up to 6500 lb. With its optional frame fork attachments this unit is virtually a must have for today's towing fleet.

  • Certified 6500 lb. wheel lift
  • Largest deep well tool boxes
  • Full 90degree hook ups
  • Line X deck liner
  • Full in cab controls
  • Frame fork attachments (optional)
  • Clutch pump
  • Safety straps and chains
  • Mounting hardware
  • Tool compartment lighting
  • All season wiring harness
  • Junction box
  • Trailer hitch receiver
  • Tailboard mounted D rings
  • Tow sling
  • 12 ton extendable boom
  • Single or twin line 10,000 lb. worm gear winches
  • 24”-32” tunnel tool box (optional)
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