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The Dynatrak Carrier is just another of Dynamic’s carefully engineered towing solutions. The Dynatrak come in many different configuration ranging from: fold down rail - stationary rails, L arm wheel lift - self loading wheel lift, custom 24’ decks, steel - aluminum decks and the list goes on. Call us today for a customized quote.

  • 19’-21 deck space(measured from the front of the winch back)
  • individual valves per control(no linkage)
  • 12 triple eye tie down pads on the deck
  • 8,000Lbs – 12,000Lbs winch(optional)
  • Fold down rail(optional)
  • Straps, ratchets, J hooks & V bridle
  • Stationary or mobile pylon
  • Steel or aluminum deck(optional)
  • Diamond plate steel deck(optional)
  • Self loading wheel lift(optional)
  • 14,000Lbs deck capacity(optional)
  • Lower and deck mounted work lights
  • 48” side rail tool box
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